At Panacea Holistic Institute, we are expert practitioners turned educators who offer holistically focused programs and diverse continuing education. 

We believe relaxation is the root of all healing. This panacea, or universal remedy, is the foundation of our curriculum. 

Using the wisdom of our cumulative careers, we guide students to harness their unique potential and build lasting, rewarding client relationships that encourage self-empowered wellness. 

These principles ignite healing within and with all. Long Beach’s Holistic Health College!


At Panacea Holistic Institute, we are honored to pass down the lessons of our teachers.

Sharing the wisdom gained from our cumulative career experiences with our students & guiding future practitioners to serve all bodies, with ease.  Panacea Holistic Institute and the Holistic Educators Guild serve the expansion of bodywork and the Empowered Wellness Movement, one student and body at a time.

As a School and Guild of Holistic Educators, our experienced & scientific approach celebrates all directions of Holistic Health. Apprentice to Master, Panacea offers a wide range of career tools for our students-  allowing for longevity, inspiration and fruitful client relationships.