Code of Ethics


Harmonious Awareness:: Our space is sacred, treat it as you would your own body. I agree to take responsibility for my actions and how they may affect others as well as the space. I agree to maintain cleanliness and peace, and to respect all interactions with reverence.

Emotional Safety:: Our space is a place of healing, solace and retreat. I agree to establish harmony in all my relations to maintain safety and peace. I agree to tenderly approach anyone who may be jeopardizing emotional safety with respect, love, and honesty.

Stewardship:: Our planet, our bodies and all its inhabitants are dependent on each other. I understand that the choices I make affect the next 7 generations on this planet. I agree to live mindfully, make conscious choices that are good for the Earth and my body.

Accountability:: We practice what we preach. I will uphold my values and principles in all veins of my life. I choose to live authentically and to be present with myself and others. I will exemplify the same self-care principles that I teach others to live by.

Professionalism:: As people, we will honor one another’s time and need for punctuality, prompt correspondence, follow through, boundaries, and consistency. I agree to honor all my fellow human being's time, as well as my own. I will communicate if I receive a request that is outside of my comfort zone or scope of practice.

Acting with Impeccable Integrity:: Honesty and Integrity creates the fertile ground from which to grow and serve others as well as ourselves. I agree to be honest in all arenas of my life by upholding all agreements and values. I choose to speak my truth and be vulnerable enough to express my own needs and feelings and to also listen compassionately for others feelings and needs.

Open-Hearted Communication:: Non-violent communication, microscopic truth and clarity are the tenants to resolve discord and disharmony within our space. I agree to remain open-hearted and create a safe space to discuss and move through any challenges as an opportunity to learn, grow and uplift myself and others.

Following Our Highest Joy:: I choose to follow the organic evolution of my path with compassion and inspiration. In this way, I will share my deepest joy with those I serve along with serving my highest good.