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CT2: Aromatherapy

Instructor: Jason Miller, CMT

Hours: 3

Intro to basic scents for relaxation and soothing. Use to enhance your practice. Use to enhance your life.

CT4: Hydrotherapy

Instructor: Jason Miller, CMT

Hours: 6

This course is an introduction to hydrotherapy the application of water in its various states to the body. Application and uses, indications and contraindication of hydrotherapies for massage therapy in a variety of treatment settings ie: resorts, spas, wellness center’s, athletics, clinic, Doctors, Physical Therapy offices, etc. We examine water treatments and the various effects they have on the systems. Creating wellness therapies for all types of acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries and dysfunctions.

CT1: Sound Therapy

Instructor: Lynda Arnold

Hours: 7

In this course, students will learn about sound trapy theory and the practical application of instruments. Students will be introduced to a variety of instruments used in sound therapy. Students will learn how to use their own voice for self healing and sharing with others.

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