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PC3: Conscious Business and Marketing

Hours: 10

Learn the foundation of conscious business. Prep for your dream holistic career. Planning, manifesting, intention and integrity all play a role in how we do business. The moral fabrics we are aligned with will guide our organic marketing plan. Who are we and for what do we stand?  Knowing that will unlock the flow in your business. Students will learn about business planning , vision their own unique plan and get to know some basics of marketing along the way.

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PC2: Business of the Massage Business

Hours: 6

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of the massage industry, professional standards and principles of good hygiene. Interviewing skills and common business practices as well as employment options; including employee, self-employment and independent contracting.

This course covers obtaining and maintaining your credentials, regulations and ordinances and compliance with the regulations of the California Massage Therapy Council. Students will learn about Federal tax forms and filing options within the profession.

Students will learn about the business of massage therapy and prepare for their career as a massage therapist. Students will learn how to represent themselves in a professional manner while upholding the standards of the California Massage Therapy Council.

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