Yve Hart is the founder of The Inner-G Movement and creator of The 40 Day Green Cleanse. As a transformative mentor, passionate speaker, and intuitive healer, Yve helps individuals to reconnect to their Inner-G (Inner Guidance, Inner Guru, Inner Greatness,) so they can shift from ego to intuition, emotions to empowerment, from hiding in the shadows to shining in all areas of their lives. With her cleanse program, intuitive coaching, and community events, Yve facilitates powerful breakthroughs that free up emotional blocks using effective daily rituals and a variety of healing/coaching modalities to clear spiritual blind spots, release weight, toxins, and ego that nourish people from the inside out.

It was through cleansing and emotional healing that Yve experienced a personal miracle healing 25 years ago.   It was then that she experienced her first awakening through the power of food, emotional and energetic healing modalities, and choosing a positive mindset.  Since then, her journey of cleansing, healing and coaching has led her to discover the true meaning of finding balance, mindfulness, and self love and she has applied what she has learned to teach others a way to their own unique inner genius.  

In 2015 she started up-leveling herself and healing practice to include Medical Intuition and changing beliefs and patterns including genetic and core beliefs with the powerful ThetaHealing® modality.  She is often Invited to speak in front of audiences to inspire them on how to move through illness and Cancer and transmute despair to possibility while changing the experience into a healing opportunity. She holds deep gratitude for the ability to change her own life and also inspire others to powerfully transform themselves and their lives holistically from the inside-out.